“Every business should be thinking about building apps today. It’s not a fad or a passing trend. It’s customer service.” -FORBES

Tim Cook, Apple CEO “The post PC revolution is happening all around us at an amazing pace. This is a world where the Desktop Computer is no longer the center of your digital world. We're talking about a world where the new devices, the devices you use the most, need to be more portable, more personal and dramatically easier to use.”

Tim Cook, Apple CEO󰁎

The MOBILE REVOLUTION is here as smart entrepreneurs around the globe are realizing the power of mobile apps.

With mobile devices accounting for an increasingly large share of web traffic, companies are rethinking their approach to the web and are adopting a “mobile first” mindset. However, in today’s fast paced, highly fragmented mobile environment, implementing a successful mobile web strategy is not a simple undertaking.

Yet, failure to capitalize on the ubiquity and richness of the mobile web means loss of competitiveness.

Don’t look bad

Did you know that 57% of users will hesitate to recommend your brand or business if they had a poor experience on your mobile website?

Fewer Pixels Business Mobile Solutions will help position at the front of this Mobile Revolution by designing for you a beautiful, state of the art mobile app for your business by integrating powerful functionality and tools you need to harness the power of the ubiquitous smart phones that most of your customers (and future customers) already have glued to the palms of their hands.

Smartphone owners are within 5 feet of their phone 24 hours a day. That’s because mobile is now part of our culture. It has become a way of life and consumers now demand an enjoyable, useful and relevant experience regardless of what device they’re on or what time of day it is.

With your own business iPhone, iPad and Android App, you’ll be able to reach out and connect with those people any time of the day or night.

You’ll be able to send push message alerts and updates, encourage interaction, offer coupons and loyalty programs and even sell from within your app. This keeps customers coming back and allows them to spread the word and tell their friends about you. And there’s so much more than that.

Consider this… In 1993, business owners were told, “You need a website to reach your customers.” Most business owners responded with “What’s a website?” Some of them asked, “Why do I need a website when none of my customers have email or access to the Internet yet?” Remember those days? It’s rare to find a serious business without a website now.

Now, in 2012 – we are seeing the same thing – to compete, you no longer just need a website, you need a Mobile App. If your customers are not there yet, they soon will be. Remember this… just like the Internet became a part of everyday life, so will the smart phone, only the adoption will be quicker. Don’t be a business left without having its own Mobile App in App stores!

Brand Recognition & Marketing

Business owners everywhere are leveraging Mobile Apps as a part of their branding and as a marketing tool. They value having a Mobile App to help increase their brand visibility, customer loyalty, promotional ability and overall interaction with their customers. By utilizing counter top displays, window posters, QR codes, special business cards or other promotional tools that display your “App icon” in your store or website, Fewer Pixels will help you harness the power of this powerful marketing medium getting your customers to consume your new app and bring in more buying customers through your door.

Mobile Apps are replacing websites. Tablet devices and mobile phones are replacing computers. There are currently more than 5 Billion Mobile Phone Users and 2 Billion Smart Phone users. But it’s really about people, not devices. If you have a business then you need a Mobile App to effectively market to and connect with your customers whenever and wherever they are by becoming a branded icon on their device!

Your customers want information quickly in their mobile phones

They don’t want to go online on their phone and have to navigate through a tiny website (not optimized for mobile smart phones) to find you. They also don’t want to have to hunt through your tiny menus to get to the data they need like your address or a phone number. Your customers need that data at their fingertips and a mobile app or mobile friendly website will accomplish that.

More and more people use their smart phones and search for things on the go rather than sitting in front of computers at home or at the office. People want access to your info NOW and doing it on their smart phones allows for this.

More and more people are getting smart phones with over 2 million smart phones being activated every day. This number will double over the next 12 months.

Each day, over 1,000,000 Android phones are being activated, plus all the new networks coming on board in addition to Apple iPhones and iPads. Combined, that’s over 2 million smart phones and tablet’s being turned on daily for the first time. These numbers are staggering! No wonder this is the fastest growing industry in the history of the world!

Don’t get left behind. NOW is the time for your business to invest in the Mobile Revolution.

You Can’t Compete Without an App

Customers today are using their mobile devices to find the information in your market that they want, as soon as they want it.

They depend on the instant accessibility of mobile apps to quickly tell them what they need to know, so they can make their buying decisions and get on with what they’re doing.

Smart business owners understand the power and importance of mobile marketing to their bottom line.

Smart business owners use mobile apps to connect with customers, share relevant news, offer great deals, increase foot traffic, take reservations, and boost their revenues.

Whether they deliver a service, sell products in a store, or run a successful restaurant, smart business owners know that having a mobile app is one of the most effective ways to reach their customers, whether they’re on the go or standing still.

Would a mobile app help your business?

3 Reasons Why a Mobile App Can Help You Stay Connected to Your Tribe…ALL DAY LONG


1. Your audience is waiting

A Mobile App is the most effective tool to maintain instant connectivity with your audience.

The fact is…

97% of “push” text messages are read within 5 minutes vs. a 5% read-rate for email.


2. Their eyeballs are already pointed there

There’s nothing more practical or powerful than leveraging the smart phone that’s already glued to the hands of your followers.

The fact is…

Smart phone users stay within 5 feet of their device 23 hours a day.


3. Just get out in front of them.

A custom mobile app branded around you is the easiest way to deepen your connection with your audience.

The fact is…

50% of all online searches are now being done from a mobile device.

Our apps integrate your blog and social media accounts into your app and include unlimited “push” messaging functionality.

They are built featuring powerful technology that will help convert your followers into more leads, more customers, more sales and more exposure.

Our mobile apps are built on the world's #1 platform for small business apps which has launched more native iPhone apps than any other company in the world.

Our app platform currently powers more than 7,000 apps in iTunes.

Having a beautiful customized app allows businesses to:

Increase Foot Traffic

  • Your market has gone mobile, but they still shop in stores. A mobile app increases foot traffic and gets paying customers to walk over your threshold.

Increase Web Traffic

  • More and more people are making their online purchases from a mobile device. In some markets, more sales are being made from a mobile device than a desktop computer.

Build customer loyalty.

  • Make your customers feel special by offering discounts, coupons, and promotions just for using your app.

Send push notifications.

  • Deliver instant messages to your customers’ mobile phones whenever you wish. While only 4% to 10% of emails get opened, push notifications get read 97% of the time.

Create viral buzz.

  • Let customers quickly tell all of their friends about you using the built-in sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, SMS, and Email.

Grow your list.

  • Gather names and email addresses directly inside your app and easily export them into your favorite email marketing campaign service.

Promote special events.

  • Provide up-to-date information about all of your business events, sales, and promotions with an in-app events calendar that anyone can access.

Increase popularity

  • Thought leaders and social media experts leverage mobile apps to increase their popularity and exposure.

Increase revenue

  • Our apps are built featuring powerful technology that will help convert your followers into more leads, more customers and more sales.

Gain more credibility.

  • These are still the early years of the mobile app. Having one adds serious credibility to your business—especially among those who don’t know how easy we make it.

Keep customers informed.

  • Fill your app with information about your business, service offerings, product samples, menus, and more. There’s a tab for just about everything you want them to know.

Connect with ease.

  • Make it simple for customers to reach you using one touch calling, email, a website link, and GPS directions to to your business—all from inside your app.

Get instant feedback.

  • Allow customers to leave feedback on your fan wall, share photos, make restaurant reservations, and send comments in a variety of ways.

Track your success.

  • Use robust analytics to track daily, weekly, and monthly downloads of your app.

1,300,000 Activations Per Day

Last year Apple alone sold 172 million post pc devices (iPhones, iPads and iPods). Google says it’s now activating 1,300,000 Android devices PER DAY!

Having a mobile App for your business puts you in the perfect position to be able to take advantage of this major cultural shift that is already in full swing.

With all these users, it’s easy to leverage the powerful features of our mobile apps to increase your leads, customers, sales and exposure.

Custom Tailored Mobile Apps

Having your own business mobile app is the most effective way to regularly connect quickly and easily with your clients, fans and followers who are already addicted to using mobile devices.

Connect, engage, and win repeat business – that’s what our Apps are all about!

Connect with us for a free strategy session and find out how one of our Custom Tailored Mobile Apps can positively impact your business.

Your customers are walking around with their iPhones glued to the palms of their hands

It’s a fact that mobile app users spend an average of 94 minutes per day vs. mobile website users who spend only 72 minutes per day.

  • More than 33 million U.S. customers already engage in shopping-related activities on their mobile phones, and that number is rising every day.
  • 2.3 million of those customers have made a purchase on their devices.
  • By 2015, 81% of U.S. cell users will have smartphones.

The bottom line is this, your prospects are 51% more likely to purchase from you if your business has an APP.

The facts show us that 41% of smartphone users have made a purchase from their mobile phone. It’s predicted that by 2015, mobile shopping will account for $163 billion in sales worldwide!

Take Your Business To New Heights

Take Your Business To New Heights

Not having an App could make your business look bad

57% of users surveyed will hesitate to recommend your brand or business if they had a poor experience on your mobile website.

You know your business could really benefit for a great mobile app. Being accessible on mobile devices everywhere can take you to new heights of audience interaction that will improve sales, service and your overall customer experience.

However, some businesses struggle to find the time and resources to build an app that’s simple and effective in trying to build a mobile site without the expertise or specialized knowledge on what works on the mobile web can be kind of risky.

Polls have shown that the majority of mobile Internet users would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site. Many look to competitors after a bad mobile experience.

“Mobile marketing is the most powerful media ever invented.” -New York Times

How to work with us

Custom Tailored Mobile AppHaving a Custom Tailored Mobile App for your business puts you in the perfect position to be able to take advantage of the major cultural “mobile” shift that is already in full swing.

It’s now easier than ever to leverage the powerful features of our mobile apps to increase your customers and exposure.

A mobile app is the most effective way to regularly connect quickly and easily with your customers, fans and followers who are already addicted to using mobile devices.

Connect with us via the form on this page for a free consultation.

Together we’ll explore what you want and need and in the context of our conversation, you can determine if what we have is the solution you seek.

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