Jessica Pettitt is a one-of-a-kind if there ever was. She’s a kind of a mix of super-intellect, stand-up comedienne and firecrackers with sloppy hot-sauce on top (<<< just look at her pic and you’ll see what I mean).

A self-proclaimed techno-phoebe and a bit of an anti-tech/anti-progress stick-in-the-mud, Jessica took the Mobile App getting plunge with great fear and trepidation. Her usual confident public voice quivered at the mere thought of venturing into the deep waters of mobile marketing, but with a little hand-holding and virtual shoulder crying, she forged ahead and confronted her fears. That’s bravery.

The end results is not just a mobile app she brags about from the perch of her keynote stage (yes, she tells them to download it and send her texts while she’s presenting), but something we’re even more proud of…a transformation.

Ms. Pettitt stood face to face with her technology demon and flipped it a bird! She got over it and now talks about herself in a whole other, more courageous way. We are so proud of you, Jess. Will you be our poster child now?

In Jessica’s words…

David rocks. I could just end the testimonial there – but as a professional speaker, I have much much more to say.

I have a narrative about myself that is anti-progress – not a techy – hell, I don’t even own an iPhone (yet).

David held my hand, answered my questions, pushed me when I needed it, and made me laugh all in a VERY short turn around of creating something that didn’t even know I could love.

David is a conductor of all sorts – bringing together bits and pieces of technology so that my tribe and easily access my voice and I can walk competently into the techy future.

Jessica Pettitt

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