Dr. Julia Kinder is an extraordinary person with an extraordinary life. She’s an accomplished Physician with a thriving practice as well as an in-demand expert and speaker in the area of Down syndrome. On top of that, she’s a health and fitness expert with thousands of loyal followers who take her advice to heart.

The Upside of Down.

Dr. Kinder’s  primary purpose is to be of service to those parents who are desperately struggling to find answers in their coping with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. She has already re-educated thousands by reshaping misperceptions and debunking myths surrounding the topic.

A mother of a thriving child who has Down syndrome, Dr. Kinder has first-hand experience and first-rate medical knowledge that she applies to her various channels of communication as a writer/blogger, Doctor,  speaker and friend.

Her vision is to create vital community to educate the medical community and society as a whole on how to better understand and respond to Down syndrome.

Her mobile app is a reflection of her generous spirit as well as her deep well of first-hand, relevant, and up-to-date knowledge that so many anxious parents are searching for.

In Julia’s words…

Thanks to David Matthies, I have a mobile app! It is beautiful, easy to use, interactive, and represents perfectly my business in the field of children with special needs. It provides an invaluable resource for parents of children with Down syndrome.

I needlessly worried that developing an app would be difficult. David made is easy and fun. He is creative and enthusiastic. He is extremely devoted, professional, and dependable.

Dr. Julia Kinder

Julia’s Facebook Page

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