Cedric Penn is an amazing man with an extraordinary story to share. His story is one of triumph over tragedy, and beating the odds despite how high they’re stacked against you. I encourage you to pickup a copy of Cedric’s book. It’s worth reading.

He came to us with the idea of developing a mobile app which could assist in getting his new book launched as well as tie together his various social media accounts into one central location.

Also, Cedric hosts a daily motivational “Prosperity call” for his loyal followers, so we developed a special tab within his app that allows you to playback any his archived calls. At one time, Cedric also had an online radio show and the archives from that show are also included in a unique tab.

Working with Cedric has been a joy. Both he and his team got very involved in the creation process which allowed us to create something that, in the end, we were all extremely happy with.

In Cedric’s words…

It has been such a pleasure working with Fewer Pixels.

Thank you for all of your hard work, long hours and commitment you have made to get our mobile app complete.

It is refreshing to find someone as dedicated as you to helping a client.

We have had numerous compliments on our mobile app, being that it is user friendly and intuitive to navigate.

The app has been one of our top priorities this year and you have been an integral part of its success.

Cedric Penn

Cedric’s Facebook Page

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