Dr. Louis Cady is a remarkable individual. His extraordinary medical knowledge and experience, which positions him at the helm of the Cady Wellness Institute,  set to the backdrop of the life of an accomplished artist and musician, empowers him with an approach to his medical practice that is both intellectually boundless and humanly all-embracing.

Dr. Cady approached his mobile app project full-bore with enthusiasm and fervor. He systematically organized the categories and created unique and comprehensive content that would be of the most possible service to his app users and patients.

Just as the Cady Wellness Institute strives to unlock life’s potential, his goal was to unlock the app’s full potential and represent the Cady Wellness Institute with the highest possible integrity within a mobile device. No detail was left to chance.

If you happen to live in or around Evansville, Indiana, I encourage you to explore the Cady Wellness Institute for your medical services. You’ll find their compassionate approach uplifting and inspiring.

The Cady Wellness Vision: We dramatically transform the lives of our patients and clients to levels of peak physical and mental health, and maximum performance and happiness.

In Dr. Cady’s words…

David did an absolutely magnificent job for me in designing, completing and deploying the Cady Wellness Institute app for iOS and Android platforms.

I was impressed with his excellent communication, design skills, and how pleasant the interaction was.

The final product was excellent, and I have already been receiving compliments.

I recommend his work on app development without reservation.

Louis B. Cady, M.D.

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