We’re excited to announce some major new feature updates to our apps.

The newest features include:

  • Reservation Tab
  • Fan Wall v2 Tab
  • Events v2 Tab
  • Car Finder Tab
  • Website Tab thumbnails enabled
  • Loyalty Tab lock icon now customizable
  • New “More” navigation option for premium designs
  • Ability to upload background images everywhere
  • Link sliding images to areas in the app
  • Faster load and refresh times
  • And much more…

So what’s next for Fewer Pixels?

  • Decrease mobile app loading times significantly
  • Deeper iOS integration and functionality
  • More social engagement and interactiveness for users
  • News tab to easily integrate useful and engaging content
  • Location based push notifications (this will be huge!)
  • Enable search functions across all of our features
  • Email forms coming soon to mobile websites
  • And much much more…

Stay tuned!


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