Mobile marketing is a goldmine of opportunity. When you market directly to your customers’ mobile devices, you can touch them anytime, anywhere. People always have their smartphones with them and they’re always turned on. Mobile response rates are much higher than those of PCs and there’s lots of great stuff you can do with apps and features.

However, there are also some fatal mistakes that can sink your ship quickly, leaving you wondering how you could possibly fail with such a perfect marketing channel. Here are a few sure-fire campaign killers.

Text Spamming

Sending too many messages and offers, even if they’re highly relevant and awesome deals, feels like spam to mobile users. Remember that they have their mobiles with them all the time. If you’re sending them three messages a day, they’re going to be annoyed and tune them out. Nobody loves to hear from your brand that much, so be moderate in your interactions.

No Opt-In

Always make sure you get every person’s permission before you start sending them messages. Every country has laws that regulate sending messages to mobiles and you need to be in compliance with them or you can get into legal trouble. Also, never swap or buy lists.

Using Shady Apps

There are malicious apps out there that contain malware or worse. These apps costs people thousands of dollars in destroyed smartphones every year. It’s called ‘mobile pickpocketing.’ If you’re not careful about where you get your apps, you could be using one of these unconsciously, putting your subscribers at risk. Make sure the owner of every app you use is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

Failure to Keep Customer Info Secure

Before you start your mobile marketing campaign, make sure that all information is encrypted so that no third party has access to it. If something happens to people because they’re on your list, you could be liable for it.

Ignoring Mobile Design

Your mobile site and email messages need to be designed specifically for mobile. Mobile devices have a smaller, narrower screen, so use vertical columns and keep images small. Use less text and make it big enough that they don’t have to zoom. Also, keep in mind all the cool things mobiles can do, such as play videos, play music, take pictures, integrate with calendars, and of course, call people. Use these functions to your advantage.

Treating Mobile Users Like Desktop Users

Mobile users behave differently than their desktop-using counterparts. Unlike computer Web surfers who are usually looking for general information, mobile surfers are looking for key details like where to get a cheap but tasty lunch or which is the best software program to buy in a store. Give them specific information and make it short and easy to understand quickly.

Your mobile marketing campaign needs to be focused on providing value and building a relationship with your customers, even more so than a computer-based campaign. One more mistake marketers make is only thinking about money. Instead, start by asking yourself how you can help your target market do what they need to do with their mobile devices. Give them what they need and make it fun.


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