Mobile Marketing Mistakes That Kill Profits

Mobile marketing is a goldmine of opportunity. When you market directly to your customers’ mobile devices, you can touch them anytime, anywhere. People always have their smartphones with them and they’re always turned on. Mobile response rates are much higher than those of PCs and there’s lots of great stuff you can do with apps

Why Mobile Marketing Should Be a Critical Part of Your Business

For most businesses, it’s critical that mobile marketing become a part of their business. It’s no longer a nice-to-have or a marketing luxury. For most businesses, their customers are already mobile and it’s simply a matter of the business owner waking up to that fact and getting their business mobile too. Companies that aren’t mobile

Apple announces the iPhone 5

After months of anticipation and countless rumors, Apple announced the new iPhone 5 today. Many of the speculated rumors turned out to be true such as the larger display, thinner profile, new power connection as well as LTE support. The overall look of it is elegant and beautiful, very similar to the iPhone 4. Read

Four ways to get your Mobile App users to promote your business

Business Mobile App clients often ask how they promote their new mobile app after it’s finished and published in iTunes. They know that it’s not enough just to create a mobile app and get your customers to download it. If that’s the end goal, it’s just going to sit there on their smartphones never to