"A job worth doing is worth doing well." - Dad

Who’s Dad hasn’t shared that maxim with his kid a time or two? (Or in my case, maybe a million times.) Dad, you’ll be happy to know this simple adage, which ranks way up there with “the early bird gets the worm”, sank into that thick skull of mine.

And thanks to that, and other work ethic values instilled, I’ve been successfully programmed for life with a philosophy to do my very best at whatever thing I decide is worth doing.

It will come as no surprise then to learn that it’s this very philosophy that forms the foundation of Fewer Pixels and drives how we approach each and every one of our projects.

We attack each new project with a sense of urgency to get it done, a standard of creativity to make it beautiful, and attention to detail to make sure it’s right. Our end goal is to produce something that makes a powerful and positive impact on you and your business.

Why us?

Because we are…

Excellent at what we do.

We build a beautiful apps that do what they are supposed to do.

Beautiful Apps

We take great care with meticulous attention to detail in each one of our projects. Our goal is always to build a beautiful app that is aesthetically pleasing and make a positive first and lasting impression on your customers.


It’s equally important that our apps are effective. They do what they’re supposed to do. We make sure they are optimized for your business’s needs using the state of the art technology that will establish you on the app stores and the mobile web quickly.

Because we are…

Consistent at what we do.

We bring home the bacon every single time.


It’s very important to us that we deliver on our promises to our clients every single time. We communicate frequently and honestly in order to ensure that the job gets done as quickly and professionally as possible.


It’s also important to us that we accomplish this consistently…time and time again. We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism in our communications and in the quality of all the services that we provide.

Because we are…

Attentive to our clients.

We help you by paying attention to the details.

Everyone is different

Each and every client has very different needs. We spend a great deal of time before we begin each project to get to know our client and to understand the many details of what they wish to accomplish in the project. Sometimes is take a while before there’s clarity because each person and each project is unique.


Our clients become our friends because we tend to get to know each other very well. That’s because we believe that our business arrangement is just a beginning. Being helpful for a wide assortment of reasons is something we make sure we are available to you for.

Because we…

Empathize with our clients.

With new ideas and new technology comes growing pains.

It’s not always easy

Creating a mobile app isn’t always an easy process. There are times when some folks find it quite challenging to deliver the pieces that we need for the project. We understand and we will help you over the humps until the mission is accomplished.


From time to time problems do arise. They are unavoidable sometime. But our goal is for you to be more than satisfied, we want you to be elated with the end result, so any problem, mistake, error or hiccup will be addressed and corrected with enthusiasm.

Because we…

Appreciate our clients.

We are nothing without those whom we serve.

We appreciate you

We tend to develop very good relationships with our clients. That’s because we attract really great people to our business and we appreciate each one of them enormously. Oftentimes, our clients become our friends. Sometimes we even go out for dinner together, just for fun!

It’s a long term thing

The reason we appreciate our clients so much is because we enter into each new relationship with the intention of it being a long term thing. It’s not just about making a one-time sale it’s about building mutual trust and appreciation. We are very grateful for every client that has come our way and hope to maintain a lasting friendship for years to come.

How we work


We attack every new project with a high sense of urgency to get it done. You’ll have to keep up with us to meet your deadline.


Never mind that it works, it’s got to look really good too. Simple beauty that is at the service of function always seems to get the best results.


Meticulous attention to every detail. Details don’t annoy us, they thrill us. We’ll get it right or die trying.


You thought we were doing this for you? (Of course we are). But we take it on with a sense of ownership like it’s our own.


We communicate promptly and frequently with our clients during the creation process. We are honest and helpful and expect the same in return.

Who we are

Dr. David Matthies

Dr. David Matthies

CEO & Senior Designer

David Matthies has spent the last fifteen years developing highly successful online businesses and working with top speakers and industry professionals such as Brian Tracy, Randy Gage, Tony Alessandra and numerous business professionals implementing proven online marketing strategies.

He has designed and developed hundreds of websites in many different markets for a wide range of clientele.

With the advent of mobile devices and smart phones, David shifted his focus to leverage the power and popularity of this fast growing industry, and has attracted many top-name clients.

David holds a Doctorate Degree in Orchestral Conducting and spent “Act I” of his career years in the music profession as a High School Music Teacher, a University Professor and a professional Symphony Orchestra Conductor.

David Matthies, ConductorDuring his music career years, he secretly pursued his parallel passion for new technology, entrepreneurship and marketing and created numerous successful online businesses. Music is still a passion but no longer his livelihood.

He also consults with locals business owners on the best methods of marketing for increasing foot traffic and optimizing their website and tapping into the burgeoning mobile marketplace with mobile apps.

In addition to his mobile apps expertise, he is also an SEO expert and uses the most effective search engine marketing strategies to not only get high rankings but to dominate website visibility and gain maximum traffic.

His clients usually experience large increases in targeted traffic in very short periods of time.

How to work with us

Custom Tailored Mobile AppHaving a Custom Tailored Mobile App for your business puts you in the perfect position to be able to take advantage of the major cultural “mobile” shift that is already in full swing.

It’s now easier than ever to leverage the powerful features of our mobile apps to increase your leads, customers, sales and exposure.

A mobile app is the most effective way to regularly connect quickly and easily with your clients, fans and followers who are already addicted to using mobile devices.

Connect with us via the form on this page for a complimentary strategy session.

Together we’ll explore what you want and need and in the context of our conversation, you can determine if what we have is the solution you seek.

You can also call us direct at 949-340-6333.

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